More and more people are choosing to pre-arrange their funeral to reduce the emotional worry and anxiety from their family. With a Ecclesiasticals Planning Services (formally Perfect Choice Funeral Plan) from us you can pre-arrange your funeral and fix your funeral director’s costs at today’s prices. It covers your funeral director’s costs, no matter how long you live or what happens to the economy in the meantime, which can help reduce the financial burden on your loved ones. It allows you to set out your wishes in advance so your family don’t have to second guess what you might have wanted. The plan can also include a contribution towards third party costs (known as disbursements), such as crematorium, clergy and doctor’s fees.

One of the main reasons that we recommend and only use personally, plans from Ecclesiastical Planning Services is because they provide outstanding financial security for your money. All plan monies are held securely in a whole of life assurance policy for extra peace of mind.

In addition to the high levels of financial security provided by Ecclesiastical, you will also benefit from the knowledge and experience we have developed over many years. This means we can help you tailor your funeral plan to accommodate any special wishes you may have. Alternatively, if your requirements are more straightforward one of our set plans may be more attractive. With an Ecclesiastical plan you can make top-ups or update your plan details at any time, and you can choose to pay upfront or by monthly instalments.

Ecclesiastical Planning Services (Perfect Choice Funeral Plans) are only available from accredited funeral directors who are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). The NAFD is the country’s leading funeral trade association, and their members conduct over 80% of all funerals in the UK. The plans are also regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority and the delivery of the funeral is covered by the NAFD Code of Practice giving you extra peace of mind and security.

We use Ecclesiastical Planning Services (EPS) as our only plan holder due to the fact that in all the years we have worked with them, and in our experience of plan providers, they are the best by far and beyond. They allow us to work to make sure our clients are cared for properly, offered and able to have exaclty what they wish and working with us, Clarkson's as they requested, and also make sure that money is properly cared for that our clients have worked for so hard to put towards their wishes. In all my years experience, even with the third party disbursements, we have only ever once has a very small amount not covered in the plan. One time only in all 15 years.

Following the Fairer Finance report from July 2017 which was published in such newspapers as The Guardian:

Chris Clark, Managing Director of Ecclesiastical Planning Services, said;

"At Ecclesiastical Planning Services, our priority is to ensure that planholders and potential customers are treated fairly and our primary focus is on supporting funeral directors that offer funeral pre-payments plans. This approach means that customers are provided with a professional, personal service from specialists who understand how to arrange funerals. They can also be confident that their needs and wishes are met by the plan they choose.

We take pride in being transparent in al our dealings with funeral directors and customers, and we are pleased that this aspect of our proposition has been recognised in a recent funeral planning report ussied by the consumer group, Fairer Finance. We work hard to make sure that all of our literature is clear, fair and not misleading.

We are aware that some funeral plan providers use high pressue sales agents to see their funeral plans without the involvement of the funeral director (please note that Clarkson's will never take on these plans as in our years of experience, they do not benefit anyone, but in particular the client who has been so badly miss-sold them) We would like to see action taken to raise standards in this respect. For some time we have expressed the view that the supervision of plan providers is insufficient and the ansence of adequate regulatory monitoring is creating an increasing number of concerns for those providers such as ourselves that take a responsible approach. We would support any actions that result in all funeral plan providers being supervised more effectively.

In the meantime, Ecclesiastical Planning Services will continue work with funeral directing firms to deliver the highest possible standards of professionalism and customer service whilst ensuring the pre-payment funds are held securely for each plan that is arranged."

“Our Prepaid plans are underwritten by our professional body the National Association of Funeral Directors.

We have worked in partnership with Perfect Choice Funeral Plans for many years. With costs of funerals rising each year, many people are starting to plan for the future. At Clarkson’s, each plan is bespoke and independently arranged to suit our clients’ needs. If you would like further information, please contact us for further details.”

Annie Booker, Assistant Funeral Director, Bath


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